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Series 20 Model H23

Peter Paul Series 20 Model H23 Valve
Series 20 Model H23 Flow

Series 20 Model H23

High Pressure
3-Way Normally Closed Valve

PeterPaul’s model H23 has a dual operator valve that allows the same media control as a three way normally closed valve but at much higher pressure ratings than previously available. To function as a 3-way normally closed valve, operators must be alternately energized and de-energized. Pressure applied to the “IN” port must always be equal to or greater than the pressure in “CYL” port. Air and other non-corrosive gases, water and oil.

• Made for higher pressure ratings.
• Precision stainless steel, free floating plunger.
• Kel-F pin sealing element.
• Orifice guides the sealing pin for near perfect alignment.


* Consult representative or factory for options and specifications