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PeterPaul continues its history as a driving force in solenoid valves since 1947. Founded as a family business by Paul and Josephine Mangiafico right after World War II, the company is currently managed by first, second and third generation family members in a range of responsibilities. What this means for you is that the people with whom you deal today will be there to answer to you tomorrow.

This family commitment ensures that you get personal attention from a company sized to address your needs. PeterPaul has grown with the demand for its high service philosophy, quadrupling its plant from 7,000 to 28,000 square feet in 1977. By 1988, the company had grown to 130 employees and 77,000 square feet.

Now, you get a company whose size and manufacturing capabilities ensure innovation and quality with rapid response. Beyond that, you can always talk with a family member to ensure optimum satisfaction because at PeterPaul, customer retention starts with the family.


Career changes have become common-place today, but they were very rare in the 1940's, particularly from one field to another. Paul Mangiafico took that challenge beginning in 1947. He was a hair dresser who took an interest in a magnet wire mill in Winsted CT. In his effort to grow the business, Paul investigated new applications that would incorporate his wire product. The answer became Peter Paul Coil Company, which sold product to the emerging television and valve Industries. As Josephine, his wife, always said, "Paul went from curls to coils."


By 1965, the Company had become Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., to reflect the expanding product line that now included complete solenoid valves. The Company had expanded from six employees to over 70, and had tripled its production space. By the '70's, the Company had built a plant in Puerto Rico to support the manufacturing of coils.


Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc. has grown to nearly 150 employees and occupies 77,000 square feet in New Britain CT. An additional 40 employees in a 23,500 square foot building are located in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Today, the Company has embraced Lean Manufacturing as it continues to build valves for diverse applications worldwide. The company's slogan, "Making Things Work Throughout The World", reflects its global distribution, which brings valves and operators to customers everywhere.