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Series 20 Model EH22

Series 20 Model EH22
Series 20 Model EH22 flow diagram

When the valve coil is de-energized, the plunger moves upward and disengages the shoulder of the sealing pin allowing the return spring to hold the pin tightly on the orifice seat. When the coil is energized, the plunger accelerates freely before it makes contact with the sealing pin shoulder. Upon contact, it imparts considerable kinetic energy to the pin causing it to lift off the orifice seat against the force of high pressure. For use on air and other non-corrosive gasses, water and oil.

  • Precision stainless steel, free floating plunger.
  • Kel-F pin sealing element.
  • Orifice guides the sealing pin for near perfect alignment.
  • Simple construction...only two moving parts.
  • Explosion proof construction.


* Consult representative or factory for options and specifications